Brian Perez is passionate about all things audio. He actively works on music, sound design, and mixing.

Using tools from his alma mater, University of Michigan’s Performing Arts Technology program, he generates colorful, creative, and emotional music composition and sound design for various media. Brian also enjoys producing textural and timbral electronic music in his side project, Floro.

He is currently living in Los Angeles and working at Remote Control Productions in Santa Monica.


Beautiful Machines [Animated Short Film]

Score and Sound Design

Art / Concept / Story / Animation - Sophie Taylor

No Exit - Radio [Animated Short Film]

Sound Design, Mixing, Additional Music

Art / Concept / Story / Animation - Robert Gotham

Time & Space [Animated Short Film]

Score and Sound Design

Art / Concept / Design - Brooke Healy

Lucy Nicotine Gum [Social Media Spot]

Sound Design and Original Music

3D Animation by Justin Morton

Bubble Animation

Orchestral Music and Sound Design

Animation - Mr. Kaplin

Asphalt Series [pt. 1]

Music and Sound Design

Animation - Kyle Sowry

Slime Animation

Music and Sound Design

Animation - Real Imposter

Daytona Tortuga's Starting Lineup

Music and Sound Design

Animation - Will Hendrickson

Cube Logo 

Sonic Branding

Animation - OneRedPixel

Submarine Animation  

Sound Design

Animation - Christophe Zidler

Curated by Plsur

Coco and Eve [Product Advertisement]

Music and Sound Design

Art Direction and Animation - Johana Kroft, Maxim Kroft

Sound Design Reel [June 2018]

Original Music and Sound Design

Obscure Reactions [Short Animated Film]

Sound Design and Original Score

Animation - Sophia Castro


Interlopers [TV Pilot]

Original Score, Sound Design and ADR

Director - Courtney Carrol


Le Retour à la Raison [Short Silent Film] 

Original Sound Design and Score

Film - Man Ray

ALL WOMEN [Photography Film]


Film - Kenzie King

Creative Production and Collaboration